The Art of Acting

The other side of this blog, apart from traveling, is my performance career. I’ve been an actor and a singer for as long as I can remember.

Throughout my life, I have been in over twenty musicals and plays. I began acting when I was just four years old in a small performance group called the Sunshine Singers through my preschool.

Then, after we moved to Colorado, I became involved in the local Children’s Theatre of La Junta at the age of 7. My first show was Beauty and The Beast. Ever since then, I’ve been acting and singing.

There is something so thrilling about stepping into the shoes of someone else. I love the feeling of telling a story through someone else’s eyes. You become another personality, take on their traits, their feelings,

Some of my favorite roles to date are: Bonnie Parker in Bonnie and Clyde, The Baker’s Wife in Into the Woods, Kate/Claire in See Rock City, Fiona in Shrek! The Musical, and Jane in Tarzan.

Every role I’ve played has expanded my knowledge of acting, and musicality. I’ve learned something new from every show, because each and every cast brings a whole other experience to the table. I’ve been fortunate enough to have worked with incredible casts of people.

I will be attaching my acting resume to this page if you are curious about my other experiences in the theatre.

I will also be sharing blog posts categorized under “theatre things,” for those interested in auditioning and acting tips as well as personal stories from my theatrical career.

Claire in See Rock City at Drake University

I’ve attended countless, work shops and camps throughout my life and have a decent knowledge and understanding of what goes into performing.

I attended the Stagedoor Professional Performing Arts Camp in New York for two summers, and interned with the Children’s Theatre of La Junta for two years after I graduated. I also attended acting workshops in Denver, Colorado during high school and coached through the Musical Theatre College Audition program out of NYC for 6 months.

I vocally trained with Barbara Beck, Vocal Department Head at Colorado State University in Pueblo for three years, and took another two years of vocal training with Edward Corpus, a voice faculty member at Drake University.

Throughout all my training, I had a very good understanding of what goes into this incredibly difficult profession and want to share that with other people looking to venture into this world. It’s no easy job, but it definitely is rewarding.

Like I said, I will continue to update this portion of my website regularly and I hope that you can find some use in my shared experiences.

Please contact me with any questions you may have.