Traveling: What got me started

My family

Since I can remember, my family has gone on vacation every summer. For a lot of people, this means traveling to some tropical destination for a week, tan on the beach, drink fancy cocktails and come home. But not for us.

I’m talking about a three week road trip type of vacation here. One where you never stay the night in a place more than twice, where you spend more time outdoors than in.

My first vacation, that I can remember at least, was through Utah. We visited all the big parks: Canyonlands, Arches, Natural Bridges, Monument Valley, you name it. We spent most of our trip driving, hiking, or camping. It was just what we did.

Over the years, I’ve been to 49 out of the 50 states. The only one I’m missing is Alaska, and I’m sure it’ll happen within the next year or two.

However, through these trips, I fell in love with traveling, especially by car. There is something so incredibly cathartic about driving for hours on the road, stopping by a plethora of fascinating places, on the way to your destination.

I’ve found that due to this type of childhood, I’ve come to enjoy road trips more than flights. I love the feeling of taking my time to get somewhere and the privilege of seeing all the beautiful things in between the starts and stops.

Since then, I have seen hundreds of National Parks, Historic Sites, Memorials, gorgeous cities, oceans, mountains, animals, roads. Everything always feels right when I’m traveling.

I’m constantly learning, constantly growing. Each and every place adds something to my life, and to who I am as a person. I feel free and alive, when I can explore somewhere new.

It’s also about the memories. I may not have as many material things, but my mind is rich with all the memories I’ve gathered.

My parents are both National Park rangers which is why I think we travel and visit parks like we do. Some of my favorites include: Zion, Glacier, Yosemite, North Cascades, and Rocky Mountain.

This country is so beautiful and I’ve gotten to see so much of it. I count my blessings everyday. Linked to each park are some of the best things to do at that location. I’m fortunate enough to have done almost all of them.

The message of this page is: travel when you can. See things, learn, enrich yourself. Every new place is an experience. Live your life for the experiences.